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Sensor placing on Gluteus medium and Tensor fascia latae.

10 years old gelding with muscle spasms in the left hind leg.

The horse has had most difficulties cantering to the right (changing from right to left canter on the hind legs/ cross canter) and was in general not easy to ride. After the first measurement the rider has used a neopren bell boot (ca. 110 g) on the Left hind leg for 3 weeks every 3. day. After the 3 weeks the rider did not feel the need to use the bell boot any more. The horse can after 2 months canter normally to both sides and its canter is in general improved and the horse seems more comfortable.

The reaction from the bell boot is due to the proprioception on the feet lock – getting the horse aware of its left hind leg. By applying the boot, only every third day you can say that the horse is training its nervous system to have a better contact to that particular area. Hereafter the horse can begin to use it self more evenly on both sides, resulting in a better canter.

The figure shows how the horses muscles become more active, more precise and more even on both sides from the first measurement to 2 months after.


Imagine how a small change can make a big

It has all been possible because of the CURO system…