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CURO use & app

Please use your CURO with care and respect. You have purchased a state-of-the-art device that is extremely sensitive. Please avoid dropping the CURO, leaving it in direct sunlight or exposing it to either extreme temperatures or water. We at MyoDynamik have endeavoured to produce a robust and field useable device, but your CURO remains a very delicate scientific piece of equipment and it will serve you best if you treat it with love and respect.

A CURO unit plus sensors enables you to select and follow a horses muscles whilst physically active. You can select your own muscle groups, or take advantage of the CURO software to identify which muscles to measure from. The CURO software show you how to prepare the sensor sites, attach the sensors and start your recordings. Together with a CURO unit you will be better able to follow and direct the training of a horse, identify muscle imbalance and precisely locate muscle injuries.

Sensor positioning

It is important that you place the sensor centrally on each muscle or muscle group (see Muscle Anatomy). Ensure that the MyoDynamik Acoustic Gel is rubbed into the hair or skin thoroughly. You may need to use your nails to ensure that the gel penetrates the longer guard hairs as well as the finer hairs closer to the skin. Once you have a good gel penetration, ensure that the gel circle you have created is slightly larger in diameter than the sensor itself. Make sure that you are recording from a clear and distinct muscle, and fix the sensor in place on top of the gel using the flexible Snogg tape provided. Use the additional smaller pieces of tape to secure the sensor cables, if they remain loose they could irritate the subject or affect the AMG recording.

  1. Put the CURO on the horse, either in the girth or in the pocket of the sadel pad. Turn on the CURO and the wifi.
  2. Locate the muscle which you want to measure on. Here you can use the app guide to finde the right position.
  3. Put a little gel on the muscle, rubbing it into the fur. Try to locate the exact spot on the other side of the horse, so that muscles left and right are measured at the same place, for the best result.
  4. Prepare snögg. Take out the sensor and apply gel all over the sensor and wire, then apply ca a cm gel on the sensor.
  5. Place the sensor on your chosen spot and put on the snögg so that it completely covers the sensor.
  6. Place the sensor in the CURO. NOTE remember to place the sensor in the right terminal, left or right (R1, R2, L1, L2).
  7. Repate on the other side of the horse. Secure wires with the small pieces of snögg so that they do not bother the horse during activity.
  8. Press record on the CURO when needed. (se how to use the CURO app, under CURO app instructions)
  9. Now your ready to use your CURO.

CURO app

In the CURO app you can select a muscle group, or muscle groups (a total of 2 muscle groups can be assigned per CURO). You can do this by touching the white circle on the equine muscle anatomy drawing to be found. Here a small description of the chosen muscle appears.

A brief instruction on how to use the CURO app

For more detailed information please go to links and press user manual.


  1. Go to the Equine app on your Ipad. Make sure that the Ipad has turned on its wifi.
  2. Select the wifi network called “amg” to connect with the CURO.
  3. Go back to the app and press on the horse you want to measure.
  4. If not preselected, select the one or two muscles that you want to measure on. Press finished
  5. Press connect to the CURO. Now you will see a picture of the battery status and how many sensors you are using.
  6. The ESTi score appears and you are ready to begin your measurement.
  7. Press Start, then the bars start moving. Now select the pace of the horse, fx. walk right (R).

Muscle Anatomy

The CURO App provides an online source of information with regard to muscle anatomy. Use it to select individual muscles, learn about their attachment and their function. Alternatively, use your own muscle anatomy knowledge to select a muscle or muscle group, and start recording.